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Dead Island: Riptide screens bring the tropic thunder

Dead Island: Riptide has received a new batch of screens courtesy of Deep Silver and Techland. They show a tropical paradise teeming with undead bastards.

You can expect my Dead Island: Riptide multiplayer hands-on and interview article on VG247 soon. I played it earlier this week and at first I thought it was essentially a re-skin of the first game with a few new features. That was, until the subtle but important nuances started creeping in.

The hub defence bits are also fun. Plus, newcomer John Morgan is a melee expert who can craft a set of Wolverine claws, which is actually brilliant. The game felt like it hadn't changed much at all in the opening areas.

However, I didn't mind the over-familiarity as I really enjoyed the original - despite me often moaning on the site about how boring zombies have become. I also learned in my interview that there will be a lot of new content in there.

Stay tuned for my full interview and hands-on piece in coming weeks to find out more.

Meanwhile, those screens for your pleasure:

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