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DCUO celebrates first anniversary with fun facts, a swanky cape

SOE has marked the first anniversary of DC Universe Online by handing characters which existed in the game since January 11 a swanky cape. The firm has also released some fun facts regarding achievements accomplished by those who play the F2P MMO.

According to SOE's executive director of development, Lorin Jameson, users have created over 3.5 million heroes and more than 2 million villains; the PS3 version has 2.3 million registered users, and more than 3.6 million days of playtime have been logged.

The impressive numbers don't end with just users either, as the since launch, the development team has added more than 1,200 new NPC characters, 200 new quests, 2,500 new items and 1,800 new encounters to the game, which doesn't take into acxount the content included with Update 8.

"I think gamers now realize that making an immersive and exciting free-to-play game is the most interesting and challenging development environment today," Jameson told MTV.

"We are creating and expanding our universe with a steady flow of updates and content packs, utilizing feedback from the community and making sure we provide hundreds of hours of engaging play. I think players realize that we are committed to them; to bring them a game that they want play over and over again.

"Ultimately it comes down to how fun your game is regardless of business model, and I think everyone agrees we deliver."

SOE said plans are underway to bring "more adventures, new missions, new gear, new features, new DC heroes and villains" and more group content to the game during the year.

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