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DayZ Standalone will go into Alpha sometime after June review

DayZ Standalone will go into Alpha sometime after a development review in June, Dean Hall has told Joystiq.

There are currently 25 participating in the pre-Alpha and the team hopes to add a few hundred more before launching the test in batches.

Hall and the team are also considering a distribution model which would allow people to opt into the Alpha by pre-paying - sort of like Arma 3 or in line with Kickstarter's tier method as an example.

"We want to release the keys in chunks of what we have servers available," Hall said. "The idea is to very, very quickly try to release something out there, because that allows us to start capacity testing. We've got one final thing we're waiting for with the release date, which is the completion of our client-server architecture.

"It's basically making the game into an MMO, and pretty much the moment that's done, we'll release."

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