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DayZ standalone dev update contains new screens, discusses lighting and closed test process

Dean Hall has posted new screenshots of the stand-alone version of DayZ.

Writing about the development process on his blog, Hall said he is "excited" over how the project is turning out.

"At no point in development, have I been as excited as I am right now," he said. "The risks we took with the direction have paid off. The engine and approach of the game is now entirely DayZ’s own, it is striking out into it’s own territory as a project. This is very exciting for all the team.

"I do need to caution though, it is a bad idea to overhype the project. We know that there are many challenges that we will face from deciding to effectively write a new engine tailored to DayZ. But we are now entirely confident, that this decision will prove to have been the best decision we could make.

"Now we will be able to make the game that we’ve all always wanted."

Hall said he's unsure when the standalone version of the popular ArmA 2 mod will be released as the team is "going to take our time," with development.

Have a look at the shots and read over the blog through here.

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