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DayZ Standalone dev believes console port will happen, PC build may slip

DayZ Standalone developer Dean Hall has confirmed his high hopes for a console port in a new interview, but stressed that it all depended on development of the PC build. Hall has also discussed the game's new engine and release window. Get the details below.

Speaking with Joystiq, Hall confirmed that he's still aiming for a PC standalone release in December, but that once the current batch of objectives are complete, they could lead to delays in other areas of the game's new engine. It's all relative, you see?

On the proposed December release, Hall stated "We really don't know, it's still our target. But the architectural changes are scheduled to be complete next week. These are still on track to be completed then. But we don't entirely know what effect these changes will have, if any, on everything else. So there could be a massive amount of unforeseen work that comes out, we just don't know until it's done and we test.

"The changes we've been making are so fundamental to the game that estimates can be a bit of a stab in the dark. The lucky thing is, so far nearly everything has taken less – even much less – time than we expected.

"So we won't know until next week, and we'll let people know the plans from there. Regardless, we'll be into some open testing this year anyway, as we need to capacity test. So the likelihood of seeing something is high even if we did push our release date."

This doesn't mean a delay, and Hall was quick to calm down any rumours of the game slipping to 2013 just yet.

He stressed, "We haven't announced a delay yet. We're just saying, if it comes down to it, we will slip the date no matter what effect it would have on sales - rather than ship something we believe is not ready as a first step.

"We're also trying to be honest about the uncertainty over the impact of these major architectural changes. Initially, this was just going to be 'mod on steroid'. This is now really a refurbishment of the engine specifically to suit DayZ."

Hall also shed light on his aspirations for a console build of DayZ Standalone, and also teased that he has a new project in the works that he hopes to share soon.

"I personally think that, assuming we don't majorly screw up, once the PC development has stabilized and sales have been good – a console port would be very likely. So, do I think a console port will happen? Yes. But not until the PC is done. And by 'done,' I mean finished its creative process."

There you have it. Would you snap up DayZ on consoles? Let us know below.

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