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DayZ interview: Hall details payment model, possible Special Edition

Dean Hall has said the DayZ team would like to release the standalone version of the game at a low price point and then raise the price as development progresses, Hall told VG247's Sam Clay.

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Think of it as a paid Alpha, something which has been touched upon in the past. Each release would have a price point different from the last, such as when it goes into beta and then again at full release. Kind of like the Minecraft payment model Hall talked about earlier in the week.

"We don't want to limit the amount of people who play it so we look at some sort of developer's package, where people will get initial access," he said.

Keys on such a scheme would be limited as it would only be pulling in those who are "committed to the development" of the standalone version.

None of this is set in stone though, as the team needs to think and talk about it more.

Later on in the interview, Hall tells Sam that there might be a Special Edition of the game as well. It's a possibility at least.

I won't ruin the rest for you. Have a watch yourself.

A limited alpha test is already underway and a release date for the full version of DayZ has not been set.

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