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Daylight aims to be scary "every time you play it"

PS4 horror effort Daylight boasts procedurally-generated environments, because develoepr Zombie Studios wants you to be terrified every time you play through the game.

"We love the horror genre, and we wanted to try and create a game that would be scary every time you played it," creative director Andre Maguire told the PlayStation Blog.

"We knew that we had something special with Unreal Engine 4, and the ability to procedurally generate environments and scary content, so it just made sense. What scares people is the unknown, and with this game, you really never know what’s lurking around the next corner."

Maquire said the procedurally generated environments are where Zombie Studios is trying something new for the genre of horror.

"This approach allows for a massive amount of replayability, without feeling like you’re experiencing the same scary moments over and over," he said.

"The procedural environment actually helps us quite a bit in terms of tension. A core part of the gameplay will be to learn the layouts of the environments, which will be different every time."

Daylight is expected in early 2014 on PlayStation 4; it's one of the first games built using the new Unreal Engine 4. It was written by former IGN face Jessica Chobot, and makes interesting use of a mbile phone which starts off as a useful light source and mapping tool before it starts picking up paranormal effects.

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