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Dance Central 3 DLC adds new tunes from Rhianna, Drake & Fergie

Dance Central 3 is getting a new batch of DLC this month, featuring tracks from unstoppable musical juggernaut Rhianna.

Joystiq points out that all of the artists featured in this month's content all go by single artist names. Coincidence, or the result of some sort of music-based arkane magic?

Anyway, the tracks are as follows:

March 5th
Drake - "Take Care," featuring Rihanna

March 12th
Rihanna - "Umbrella" 4
Rhianna - "SOS"
Both will come as a double pack for 400 Microsoft Points, or singularly at 240 points each.

March 19
Fergie – "London Bridge"

Are you still playing Dance Central 3? Will you be picking any of these tracks up? Let us know below.

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