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Crysis 3 PC to ship with full advanced graphics options

At launch, Crysis 3 will support a number of advanced graphics options and high resolution textures, which were added to Crysis 2 post-launch

Users will be able to fiddle around with a number of menus, which PC Gamer has listed as Game Effects; Object; Particles; Post Processing; Shading; Shadows; Water; Anisotropic Filtering; Texture Resolution; Motion Blur Amount and Lens Flares.

Technical director Marco Corbetta said Crysis 2 didn't have all these options at launch because development of the console versions sucked up more time than Crytek expected.

He also said the team has made significant enhancements over Crysis 2, specifically in the areas of "AI navigation system, animation system, water, fog volumes, cloud shadows, POM, AA, cloths, vegetation, particles, lens flares and grass".

"The past year has involved a lot of performance and memory optimization work on many areas and for all platforms, as well as work on the rendering side," he said.

"One of our big goals was to improve image quality, and a lot of work went into developing several DX11 based anti-aliasing techniques for PC, which means gamers will now be able to pick their favorite - this is relatively involved on a deferred-based engine, since it involves selecting every technique and accessing multi-sampled buffers, versus the usual 'flip the switch' approach.

"On top of an improved tessellation system we’ve also introduced character/vegetation tessellation—and since tessellation performance was still not optimal for the level of detail we wanted to achieve, we also did research into different areas and introduced what we called 'Pixel Accurate Displacement Mapping' for macro details with nice real-time self-shadowing."

In English that probably means "it is pretty gorgeous". Crysis 3 is due on PC, where it will almost certainly look astounding, and on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, where it will probably be pretty damn good but not up to Master Race standards, in February 2013. see if your gaming rig can handle ultra settings with the newly-released system requirements.

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