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CrimeCraft closed beta launches, game to be released August 25


Vogster announced today that those interested in participating in the CrimeCraft closed Beta can now sign up.

The persistent world-shooter-rpg will have additional Beta slots opened over the course of the summer, so if you haven't created an account on the official site, get to it.

Currently, the game is slated to ship for PC on August 25.

Press release is below.

NEW YORK, NY - Vogster Entertainment, LLC, an international innovator in video game design and content, today announced that fans interested in participating in its CrimeCraft closed beta program can begin signing up now. The first public hands-on test drive of CrimeCraft, the acclaimed Persistent World, Next-gen Shooter (PWNS), officially kicked off this week for all registered users. Additional beta slots will be released on an ongoing basis throughout the summer to registered and qualified participants. The highly anticipated CrimeCraft is slated to ship for PC on August 25, 2009.

"Anticipation and acclaim continue to grow for CrimeCraft and we are excited to offer fans an exclusive chance to play the game before its release, providing feedback that will help fine-tune development," said Matt McEnerney, Executive Producer of CrimeCraft. "Our game promises a refreshing, gritty and fast-paced alternative to the current online gaming realm. Our goal is to launch the best hybrid of twitch shooter action and RPG gaming depth, set in a persistent world environment. This closed beta is a pivotal milestone to ensure that we deliver on the high expectations that we and our fans have for CrimeCraft."

CrimeCraft is a Persistent World Next-gen Shooter (PWNS) that blends a gripping, action-packed shooter experience with the best community and role-playing elements found in massively multi-player games. CrimeCraft is set in a gritty fictional city of the near future, following an ecological disaster of unprecedented scale, where the price of life is far less valuable than one's reputation. Join thousands of players online as you learn the rules of the street, build your own gang, and do whatever it takes to survive amidst the chaos. Earn a reputation. Build a gang. Kill the competition. For additional information about CrimeCraft and the closed beta program, please visit the official site.

About Vogster Entertainment
Established in September 2005, Vogster Entertainment, LLC, is a venture-funded, independent entertainment company that delivers high quality, inspiring and creative content for all major gaming platforms, leveraging opportunities that tie into refreshing themes and brands relevant to gamers. The international company is headquartered in the New York City metropolitan area and has offices in Chicago and Eastern Europe, where it employs nearly 200 talented industry professionals with multiple awards and top-selling games to their collective credit. Vogster is currently working on the Persistent World Next-gen Shooter (PWNS) CrimeCraft, the comic-book inspired arcade brawler Unbound Saga and two sequels to their acclaimed cartoon-strategy series Robocalypse. For more information, visit

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