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Court grants Sony a temporary restraining order against GeoHot


The Northern California courts have granted Sony a temporary restraining order against GeoHot.

The restraining order forbids George Hotz from handing out or linking to the jailbreak which exposes the back door to PS3. He is also not allowed to "help or encourage," others to jailbreak, or hack into any other Sony system.

He is not allowed to post any information he found while hacking, either.

This order, and the rules attributed to it, apply to fail0verflow as well. Each party has been ordered to hand over their computers and storage devices to Sony's lawyers if the equipment was used to create the jailbreak.

No judgment has been handed down yet. However, the restraining order was granted due to the court agreeing the jailbreak could cause Sony further harm as the actual court case progresses.

Engadget notes, those outside of fail0verflow and GeoHot with the hacks in-hand will probably still hand it out to others.  It's already all over the Internet, after all.

The Engadget link has the actual court documents attached if you would like to give them a read.

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