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Console Space Siege being “considered” says Sega

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Shawn Green, associate producer of Space Siege for publisher Sega, has told VG247 that the Gas Powered Games-developed action RPG is currently under consideration for a console version, but that nothing’s been signed off as yet.

“We’re talking with them about it,” said Green. “We don’t want to let any cats out of the bag too early but definitely a console version is something that’s being considered right now. But currently it’s not confirmed.”

The game, billed as the spiritual successor to fantasy outing Dungeon Siege, was shown running at CES in Las Vegas last month. Built on a new engine from Dungeon Siege 2, it looks to bring a more casual element to PC RPGs.

“We’re seeing on console that a lot of gamers are appreciating the short and sweet experience, where you can play through and really like it and enjoy it, and I think that’s where a lot of Chris [Taylor – Ed]’s motivation comes from, taking that to the PC and creating a game that you can beat,” Green added.

Space Siege will release for PC in “September 2008”, Green said.

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