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Conception 2 hits Japan in summer, dev trying to whip up Western interest

Conception 2 is the next game from Virtue's Last Reward developer Chunsoft, and it appears as if the company has its eye on a fan-supported Western release of some kind, based on a press release sent to various outlets.

Siliconera reports that while Chunsoft has released plenty of Japan-only releases over the years, it has a habit of sending out English press releases - presumably in the hope that gamers and the press will rally for a Western release or import its games.

We recently saw interactive novel game Virtue's Last Reward receive a great deal of interest here in the West, so perhaps the team's new 3DS game Conception 2: Guidance of Seven Stars and Muzzle’s Nightmare will receive increased notoriety on these shores?

Sequel to the oddly-named PSP dungeon crawler Conception: Please Have My Babies, the Chunsoft press release does state that US and Europe release dates are "TBD". This could be wishful thinking, or maybe the decision rests on fans and gamers speaking up.

We'll let you know if we hear more, but would you like to see more of these niche games
heading West? Let us know.

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