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Competition Time - Win a Turtle Beach Earforce PX4 Wireless 5.1 Headset! (UK only)

Next-gen hardware brings along next-gen tech. Sam Clay took a look at the latest in Wireless Headphone tech, giving him the perfect excuse to play games over the Christmas break. There's also a chance to win a pair of these beauties too!

The PX4 Headset is entirely USB powered, with an inbuilt battery in the headset (with is charged over USB) and a tiny USB dongle that is used to connect the device wirelessly to your preferred console or PC. Gone are the times of having to power your 5.1 capable headphones through a mains power supply, life without wires is indeed a pleasantry.

The headset is chatback compatible (at time of publishing this) with the PS3, PS4 and Xbox 360. There are no chatback options for the Xbox One, however you can still happily use the headphones for audio playback.

Additionally, the PX4 headset is bluetooth compatible, allowing you to answer phone calls during gameplay. Which I guess would be perfect for players who live incredibly busy lifestyles and constantly have people phoning them whilst they're playing their video games. Definitely something I'm not popular enough to have to deal with.


Watch the video below to find out how you could be in a chance of winning this rather fabulous headset!

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