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CoD4 PS3 apparently suffering from boot freezing hack

Owners of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare on PS3 have reported a problem which freezes the game when booting up and stops play altogether.

Several links on forums and Yahoo! Answers, tipped to VG247 by one such affected player, have said the CoD4 logo comes up with the answers "yes" and "no," before pressing X to confirm.

When confirmed the bug takes hold.

A search on YouTube has turned up a video of the hack in action. You can get it below.

One temporary fix, according to one user on Yahoo! Answers, is to turn off any connected router and boot up the game: it then won't be stuck on the hack's menu.

If you're aiming to get onto multiplayer, additional steps include keeping the router turned off until you reach multiplayer and select Play Online.

It's unknown how widespread the problem is. Activision has been approached for comment.

Watch on YouTube

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