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Clint Hocking joins Valve

Clint Hocking appears to have been won over by that leaked Valve staff handbook and has joined the Seattle-based company, if his Twitter feed is anything to go by.

Ex-LucasArts and Ubisoft man, Clint Hocking, appears to have joined Valve.

Hocking Tweeted a picture of his son scaling the giant, iconic valve that resides in the Seattle-based company's foyer along with the words "Arrival. (and Son)."

Hocking left LucasArts last month stating that it was time to move "on to something new." That something new looks very likely to be a job with Valve, unless he's just teasing and is in town on a personal visit.

While at Ubisoft, Hocking worked on Far Cry 2 and the Splinter Cell series, he was working in unannounced projects at LucasArts before he left.

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