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Surprise, 2K's teaser was about Civilization 7 – and you will have to wait until August for more info

2K teased a couple of weeks ago that it's working on a new entry in one of "its biggest and most beloved" franchises. Today, we found out what it is.

Image credit: 2K

Today, during the big Summer Game Fest kickoff event, 2K Games dropped a new announcement. This was, indeed, a new game in one of its biggest franchises. Hopefully, you weren't counting on it being Borderlands, because it's a new Civilization game instead.

That's right, Civilization 7 was just revealed as the next entry in the long-running 4X strategy franchise. This isn't entirely new information, of course, as the game leaked earlier in the day (thanks to a massive banner all over 2K's own website, no less).

Civilization 7 is developed by series stewards at Firaxis, whose most recent game was the middlingly-received Marvel’s Midnight Suns in 2022. The studio continued working on DLC for the game, but things have been quiet over there for a little too long.

The trailer, as you'd expect, varied from the beginnings of human Civilization to the modern age and the space race. Perhaps the most impressive announcement at the show was that the game will arrive day and date on PC and console. The first time ever, for the series – showing how popular the franchise has gotten with non-PC players. Expect to hear more from the Civ team, and see more of the game, in August.

The Civilization series itself has been dormant for a while, and many believed we’d get a new one last year. The newly-announced sequel is coming to PC [DATE OR RELEASE WINDOW]. As for other things Firaxis may be working on, it’s understood that it’s a two-team studio, so perhaps a return to XCOM is also in the cards.

Considering the disappointing launch and so-so reception of Midnight Suns, we’re not likely to get a sequel to the superhero card battler turn-based tactics hybrid anytime soon. We happen to be big fans of Midnight Suns here, so we were elated to see it recently get the recognition it deserved, thanks to an inclusion in Humble Choice and deep discounts.

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