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City of Heroes producer's letter promises continued updates

Paragon Studios has promised to continue regularly adding content to City of Heroes, despite a recent slowdown in updates for the ageing MMO.

It doesn't take itself very seriously.

Writing in the City of Heroes May producer's letter, Paragon Studios discussed the problems of regularly rolling out new features.

"One of the drawbacks of updating existing content is that the original content is replaced," it commented.

"When we make these updates, we go to great lengths to avoid permanently removing things from the game. ... When we must remove content, we try to bring it back when we have the technology or a great idea about how to make it work."

Despite launching contemporaneously with World of Warcraft, the developer has not felt the need for a Cataclysm-like overhaul. Nevertheless, City of Heroes is well-known for its continual content updates, and some of the more elderly Issues are looking a little frayed at the edges, a problem Paragon intends to tackle.

"A lot of our legacy content is still getting played regularly, and it's content we love. Those early missions and zones and features set the tone for everything we still do today.

"But over recent years, we've also chosen to update some signature gameplay to demonstrate who we have become to new players, as well as reinforcing who we have been in the past to our old friends."

City of Heroes was originally developed by Cryptic, which went on to Champions Online and Star Trek Online. It's one of the oldest and most successful of the MMORPGs launched in the nearly 2000s.

Thanks, Massively.

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