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Chudley: Bizarre Creations could have bought itself out

Some former Bizarre Creations executives have spoken up in the latest Edge about the developer's closure, and have revealed that Activision offered a management buyout option on the 17 year-old company.

CVG's posted up some quotes from the mag, in which founder Martyn Chudley said idea of reverting to indie status was raised before closure.

"Without going into details, yes, there was [a chance to buy the studio back], but I personally thought that there was far greater potential for the security and well-being of the company if a third-party could come in. Sadly, this was not to be the case," he said.

Sarah Chudley added that the necessary structure wasn't in place to take the business back on.

"Bizarre had grown even more since [Activision] took over, and we just don't have the skills, capability or finances to look after over 200 people," she said.

"Martyn and I were always small-company people, which is why we stepped aside when we realised it needed big-company skills to manage."

British studio Bizarre closed in February after a career spanning Project Gotham Racing and Blur. The studio sold to Activision in 2007

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