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"Christmas" 360 sales up 120%, 8 million machines sold in Europe


Xbox Europe boss Chris Lewis has told MCV that "Christmas" 360 sales were up 120 percent at the end of last year.

“Christmas 2008 was the biggest sales period in the history of the Xbox brand," he said.

"Sales of the console were more than double over the period a year before, in excess of 120 percent in fact.

“We’ve had record sales in January too – much better than we anticipated. We’re at over 8 million console sales to end of 2008."

Does that mean Chris and the gang are going to rest on their laurels? No sir.

“We’re not dusting ourselves down saying ‘we’ve solved that challenge’,” he added. “You’re going to see us continue to invest in keeping things strong.

“The UK remains one of our strongest markets. We’ve now been consistently ahead of our competition in terms of Sony for a long and sustained period, and we’re going to keep it that way.”

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