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Chocobo GP is a kart racer coming to Switch that can support up to 64-players

Go Chocobo go!

During yesterday’s Nintendo Direct, Square Enix revealed Chocobo GP, a new kart racing game set in the Chocobo universe.

The game is a follow-up to Chocobo Racing, which was released for the original PlayStation way back in 1999. A sequel was announced as in the works during Nintendo’s E3 2010 press conference for Nintendo 3DS, but, by October 2013, the game had been canceled.

Coming to Switch in 2022, Chocobo GP features a variety of characters from across the franchise along with courses from well-known Chocobo and Final Fantasy locations. These include but are not limited to Cid’s Test Track, the streets of Alexandria and Zozo and the Gold Saucer.

There will be a wide selection of Chocobo series characters who will be collecting magicite which is found within Magic Eggs scattered around the tracks. Collecting it will imbue your character with magic such as Fire or Aero, which can be used against fellow racers for a competitive edge.

Chocobo GP features various game modes such as story, custom races, and even a bracket-style tournament that can support up to 64 players. Select modes will also support online or local multiplayer.

Your goal in the game is to cross the finish line first in order to win the ultimate reward: a wish for anything your heart desires. For us, that would be a hut on a deserted atoll near the Maldives, where cheese grows on trees and wine flows out of the earth like a natural spring. But that will never happen.

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