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Check out Visceral Melbourne's final project, Blood Dust

Footage has emerged of Blood Dust, the under-wraps project in the works at the shuttered Melbourne arm of Visceral Studios.

Kotaku reports the game was set in the 1930's, and offered a run-and-gun three-player experience. It sported three factions, nine classes, and 100 upgradeable weapons and abilities, plus some unique acrobatic features like wall walking.

An online-only spin off of The Ripper, another EA title yet to see the light of day, Blood Dust saw players competing with spies, the US army, a fictional organisation which laid the foundation for the CIA and carnival freaks for the titular substance - a powerful steroid-like drug.

The footage below looks pretty sweet, but fear not - this talent may not have ben lost to us. According to Kotaku's source, EA was quite proactive about keeping the lay offs civil, and almost all the staffers who worked on this project were offered jobs at EA studios in the US when the Melbourne studio closed.

Additionally, designer Gerry Sakkas may be forming his own start up studio with former EA and THQ employees, and lead artist Kamil Hamra may open an asset outsourcing company.

Take a good long look at Blood Dust below; the project has apparently been completely shelved - but The Ripper may be back in action.

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