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Chances of Kickstarter success for former Ghost Recon dev look slim

According to what you read in the gaming press, people want more authentic military shooters.  According to Kickstarter, they apparently don't.

Ground Branch is a tactical military shooter being developed by BlackFoot studios  The team is made up of former Red Storm and Valve employees.  Guys who worked on the original Ghost Recon games.  Guys who know tactical team based shooters.

They promised authenticity, they promised realism, they showed gameplay, but as of today they are at 25% of their $425,000 Kickstarter goal with only 50+ hours to go.

Perhaps gamers are just burnt out on Kickstarter? Perhaps everyone went all in on the last tactical shooter, TAKEDOWN? (which just barely hit its $200,000 goal) Or perhaps it's just that nobody cares about this sort of game anymore?

If their Kickstarter doesn't make it, who knows?  Maybe a big publisher likes what they've seen and will throw some funds their way?  Maybe even Ubisoft will step in and have them work on the next Ghost Recon?  Stranger things have happened.

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