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CCP "already getting stories out of" DUST 514

Even before the PlayStation 3 exclusive hits open beta, CCP has noticed the same kind of meta-gaming and community building around DUST 514 as its epic sci-fi MMO, EVE Online.

"We’re already getting stories out of Dust," senior producer Jon Lander told PC Gamer.

The developer related an interesting incident from tournament held at EVE Fanfest.

"One of the guys on one team found and isolated another guy on the other team - not in the tournament, just found him and said 'I will give you billions of in-game ISK if half way through the match you throw it and you turn on your own mates and sabotage it. I’ll give out all of this in-game money within EVE,'" Lander said.

"So already people are meta-gaming, and the guy threw the game and they lost. So this other team that paid him all of this in-game money, they suddenly won the grand prize. And [his team] was like 'Oooh, what did you do that for?' And he was like “Ohhh, I messed up.'"

Yes, that sounds like EVE alright - backstabbing, politicking, and back room deals. DUST 514 will add its particular blend of shooting-based skulduggery to EVE's single shard universe when it launches later this year.

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