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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Walkthrough Part 10 - How to Defeat The Hooded Man

Learn how to defeat Abaddon, the Hooded Man - Victor Belmont, and Inner Dracula.


Take out the enemies in the parking garage, then use Mist Power to move through the gate on the far side. Use a Dungeon Key in the hole at the end of the room, then offer Dracula's blood to obtain 2,000 experience points. Leave the hole and head right, through the gate. On the far left side of the garage is a Pain Box that holds a Chaos Gem.

Go back to the first garage and head to the far end where there's another gate. Use Mist Power to get through, then access the Memorial on the left. Head back and into the opening on the right, progressing toward the objective. Use the elevator, then defeat the enemies when you exit.

Head up the stairs and over the debris, then to the right and through the gate. Go through the small opening in the wall on the right to find a Pain Box that contains Chaos Gem. Head back through the opening and continue to the right.

When you reach the end, drop down and take out the enemies that await. When the enemies down, climb up to the section just above and head to the far left to reach the walkway above. On the right is a Pain Box that contains a Life Gem. Collect it, then head through the gate on the opposite end, and continue down the walkway.

Use Mist Power at the vent, then use the ladders to reach the area above. Take out the Riot Police, then make note of the metal walkway. There's a Pain Box across the way, but you do not yet have the ability to access it. Instead, head through the opening in the corner and use Mist Power to float up to the top. Climb the ladder and open the door at the end of the corridor.

Jump down, then climb the ladder ahead. Ignore the opening to the left as it only leads back where you were just a moment ago. At the top, head through the opening in the wall to initiate another cut-scene, followed by a battle against several Riot Police and a Riot Mech. Switch the Chaos Claws and use Chaos Bombs to remove the Riot Mech's main armor. When it fires missiles, they take a good 10 seconds before they drop down, so stay on the move until they do. Constant dodging makes it easy to avoid the missiles. Focus on the Mech first, but if the Police become too annoying, take them out, then destroy the Mech.

Head through the opening on the far side and up the debris. Turn around and use the broken ladder to reach the level above. Head through the doorway and access the lever on the right to restore power. Go through the doorway at the end, then head to the right and squeeze between the disheveled sign. Access the Memorial to the right, then head down the road to initiate another cut-scene.

Take out the zombies, then head toward the objective marked on the map. If you need to replenish Dracula's magic, head back to the ground below the roof you jumped from, then head to the right and use Mist Power to get through the gate at the end to replenish Dracula's magic. Head back down the street and into the alley on the right. Take out the enemy in the next area, then use Mist Power to pass through the gate at the end. To the right is another Memorial. Continue past it and to the right to reach the main street again.

Head down the street and continue straight at the intersection to find a Pain Box at the end which holds a Chaos Gem. Turn around and head right at the intersection. Access the hatch at the end of the street on the right, then follow the corridor around and access the lever to restore power.

Continue through the hatch, around the corner, and up through the next hatch. Take out the bad guys hang out on the street, then switch to the Chaos Claws and target the ladder above and to the left. If you need to replenish Dracula's Chaos Magic, head to the right to find a crack in the wall. Just beyond the crack is an area where you can replenish magic.

Head out of the crack and to the right to engage a few more enemies. If you continue down the street, there's a gate to the right which houses a statue that allows Dracula to replenish his health. At the end of the street on the left is another Memorial.

With all of the secrets collected, head back to the ladder. Climb up and around using the fire escape. When you get inside, drop down to the ground floor, take out the enemies and access the Memorial in the corner. Climb back up to the platform and jump across to the hanging metal box.

Jump across to the next hanging box, then to the one on the left, then to the platform just ahead. Jump over to the hanging box on the left, then over to the platform and use the ladder to the left to reach the next platform above. Jump across to the hanging box, then to one on the right, then to the platform below to the left.

Leap over to the broken girder just ahead, then make your way to the ladder on the left. Drop down to the platform below and access the Pain Box to obtain another Life Gem. If you do not care about the Life Gem, just climb up the ladder. If you drop down to the platform to access the Pain Box, you'll have to go through the hanging boxes again to get back to the ladder.

Climb up the ladder and continue up the stairs to the next ladder, then down the walkway and up another ladder to reach the roof. Take out the enemies that attack, then head over to the door on the far right side of the roof. Jump into the elevator shaft on the right. Below, to the left, there's a small area with a Pain Box that holds another Void Gem. Jump down to access the Pain Box, then drop all the way down to the bottom and use Mist Power to go through the gate. Drop down again and head through the crack in the wall to find another Dungeon Key hole. Insert a Dungeon Key and offer Dracula's blood to obtain 2,000 experience points.

Head back up and out to the rooftop. To the right is a section of broken railing. Look down to see a Pain Box below. If you jump down to get the Pain Box, you'll have to go through the hanging boxes to get back to the rooftop. If you choose to do that, jump down to the platform and access the Pain Box to obtain another Chaos Gem.

When you get back to the roof, head to the edge of the metal walkway and use a Chaos Bomb to lower the other side of the walkway and initiate a cut-scene. Defeat the enemies that spawn, then use a Void Projection to freeze the waterfall and climb up and around until you're inside the building.

Take out the enemies, then make note of the flashing yellow button on the wall. This activates the fan, but you need to restore power before it can be used. Head to the far left and use Mist Power to get through the gate. Switch to the Void Sword and use two Void Projections to freeze the flames ahead. Mist through the gate at the end, then turn the power on via the button on the left.

Head back into the main room and turn on the fan. Ignore the enemies and use Mist Power to reach the next floor up. If you engage the enemies, the power will run out and you'll have to repeat the process (although the enemies will not spawn the second time).

On the next floor, use a Chaos Bomb on the propane tank to initiate a cut-scene. Head across the rubble and drop down into the room below. If you wish to take a detour to replenish Dracula's health and acquire the fourth Kleidos, follow the yellow glow to the corner and drop through the crack. Head down the hallway, and through the next crack to find the power switch.

Restore the power, then head outside to replenish Dracula's health. When you leave the garage area, Riot Police attack. Take them down, but do not bother with the waterfall again. Instead, climb up the electrical equipment opposite the waterfall. Head down the hallway to find another Pile of Sacrifice, which rewards Dracula with another Kleidos.

Climb up the side of the building on the other side of the hall. Head to the far end of the roof and climb up into the rubble above. Go right and drop down the hole into the hallway below. Head down the hall and drop down the hole at the end to reach the room you started in.

Access the lever in the corner to turn on the power, then head up the stairs and into the next room. Drop down to the bottom floor and take out the enemies, then head through the open doors and into the next room to initiate a cut-scene followed by a boss battle against the Abaddon.

Boss Battle: Abaddon

If you have one or two Ensnared Demon relics, this is a fairly simple fight. If not, as long as your Chaos and Void magic are full when the fight begins, this is still very easy. Even if that's not the case, the Abaddon summons several minions to help during the fight. You can use them to replenish Dracula's magic.

The Abaddon uses several linear projectile attacks, as well as a stomp that creates a shockwave on the ground that covers a wide radius. It also shoots mucus-like missiles into the air that can be dodged with multiple dodges in rapid succession. Dodging its attacks is fairly easy, and with magic, you can stay at a distance throughout the entire battle.

Use Chaos Bombs and target the glowing green chest area of Abaddon. Two or three full meters worth of Chaos Bombs should be enough to put down the Abaddon. If you switch over to Void Projections, it takes a bit longer because they inflict less damage, but it can still be done. Using this strategy you can ignore the lesser enemies and simply dodge to avoid the Abaddon's long-range attacks.

If you do not have any magic to work with, stay at maximum Shadow Whip range and attack the same area on its chest. Use the lesser enemies to replenish your magic, then return to the primary strategy.

When the final blow is struck, you must be successful in a brief quick time event to complete the battle. If you fail, you must start over at the point just after the final blow is struck.

With the Abaddon down, head through the doorway. If you jump up the rubble on the right to the hallway above, then head into the doorway on the left at the end of the hall, you will be back in the library. While there's still an item left to acquire in the library, you do not yet have the skills to reach it.

Instead, head straight and then to the left, through the next room. At the end of the room, there is another Memorial o the left. Grab the Memorial, then turn around and activate the power using the switch on the right. This opens the door on the opposite side.

Head through the door and back out into the open area. Here you are pitted against two Riot Mechs and several Riot Police. Focus on the Police first, then handle the Mechs one at a time. Head to the far end of the street to find a Pain Box. However, as you approach, another Mech spawns. Take it out, then access the Pain Box to obtain a Void Gem.

Go back to the other end of the street to find an area where Dracula can climb on the right side. Climb up, then head to the left and climb again to reach the platform above. Drop down into the area below then climb up to the next platform. Make your way up the wall and into the hold in the window at the top to find another Pain Box that contains a Chaos Gem.

Drop back down and head out to the street again. In the middle of the area is a light post next to a large marble pillar. Climb the pillar and make your way over to the left, following the purple trail. When you reach the balcony run over to the edge and jump to the hanging platform. Swing the platform to the left, then jump over to the building and make your way inside.

Head down the hall and drop to the bottom floor when you reach the stairs. Use Mist Power to go through the gate, then walk forward to initiate another cut-scene followed by a boss battle against The Hooded Man.

Boss Battle: The Hooded Man (Victor Belmont)

At the beginning of the battle, Dracula has no access to his magic power or any relics. An upgraded Guillotine skill works very well during this part of the fight as you can remaining airborne while attacking, then unleash a powerful attack once you're back on the ground. Use this continuously while dodging the Hooded Man's unblockable attacks.

Inflict a moderate amount of damage and the floor collapses. In the area below, Dracula now has access to all of his abilities. If you're good at counterattacks, this fight is much easier. Stay close to the Hooded Man and counterattack every time he uses his normal attacks. If you're not good at counterattacks, the Sustained Whip works very well in this fight.

If the Hooded Man counters Dracula's attack, jump and dodge backward immediately to avoid the follow-up attack. When an unblockable attack is about to be used, dodge left or right continuously to avoid multiple projectiles, or his various unblockable lunging attacks. If he jumps into the air, prepare to jump over the shockwave of fire that erupts when he lands.

His most powerful attack in this state is his silver projectile. When he talks about silver piercing Dracula, he's about to use the attack. The first attack is a long projectile that is difficult to dodge, but can be evaded by jumping. However, if Dracula jumps, the Hooded Man will also jump and use a second projectile in the air. When this happens immediately drop back to the ground to avoid it.

Inflict enough damage and the Hooded Man drops a stone into the ground which causes him to grow to a tremendous size. At this point, completely ignore the Hooded Man unless he gets close to you. If he does, move away as quickly as possible. Your only focus should be to destroy the large stones that circle the area. These stones go down fairly quickly, but there are a good number of them. Keep the camera focused on the Hooded Man so you can move away if he comes toward Dracula. Take down all of the stones, then complete a quick time event to finish the battle and enjoy another cut-scene.

Head up the stairs and around the corner to the right, following Victor. Jump down and restore the power at the access panel ahead. Go through the door and jump over to the ladder on the right. When you reach the top, move to the center of the walkway, then use Mist Power to float to the platform below.

Climb the pillar to the right and make your way to the platform where Victor waits. Activate the elevator ahead, then several enemies attack after a brief cut-scene. Focus on the large Horned Demon and allow Victor and the Lieutenant to take care of the lesser enemies. The Horned Demon is essentially a weaker version of the Abaddon boss. However, Chaos Bombs aren't nearly as effective against it. Instead, use the Shadow Whip at maximum range, while remaining in the air to avoid its ground-based attacks.

Defeat the enemies to witness a sacrificial cut-scene, followed by a boss battle against Inner Dracula.

Boss Battle: Inner Dracula

The battle against Inner Dracula is more about dodging continuously than anything else. He attacks two to three times in a row with larger vertical and horizontal swings. Most of these are easily dodged to the left or right, with the horizontal swings avoided by fighting at maximum Shadow Whip range, or simply dodging back.

When Inner Dracula uses two normal vertical swings, followed by an unblockable vertical swing, dodge to avoid the attacks, then jump when the unblockable attack hits the ground. It causes a shockwave that cannot be avoided on the ground. A similar shockwave occurs when Inner Dracula sprouts wings and jumps high into the air. When he lands, be prepared to jump to avoid the following shockwave.

Inflict enough damage and a quick time event is initiated which gives Dracula the power of flight. This makes it a little easier to avoid the shockwave attacks, but otherwise the battle strategy remains unchanged. Inflict a bit more damage to finish off this phase of the battle.

At this point, the shell around Inner Dracula is temporarily removed and you must battle what remains. Dodging is key to this portion of the fight. Inner Dracula uses an ability that sucks the life out of Dracula. If you are caught by this projectile, it is difficult to escape before significant damage is inflicted. Stay on the move and use Chaos Bombs to attack the head of Inner Dracula as often as possible. He does not remain in this form long, and when he reverts back to the larger form, that form gets a fresh health bar.

It will take two or three cracks at the true Inner Dracula before you can finish him off. When he reverts back to the larger form, he gains new abilities. If you're too close he uses a spike technique that hits anything in his immediate area. In addition, he uses up to four attacks in a row now, and when he plants one fist in the ground, a trail of blood follows Dracula. Continuously dodge to avoid this, while attacking Inner Dracula with aerial Shadow Whip techniques. The blood moves moderately slow, so it's possible to dodge away twice, then have time to hit Inner Dracula a few times before the blood catches up.

As with most boss battles, stay at maximum Shadow Whip range and attempt to fight in the air as often as possible. If you do get close, watch out for Inner Dracula to slam his hands together. This indicates that the close-range spike attack is coming, which is generally followed by a short range projectile vomit attack. Take out the larger form of Inner Dracula to reveal the true form, then use Chaos Bombs until it reverts back. Inner Dracula can only be defeated once the health bar of the true form is depleted.

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