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Carless puts GameSetWatch on "semi-permanent hiatus," focuses on

GDC head Simon Carless has said long-term UBM blog GameSetWatch is being shelved due to its nature as an "entertaining fripperie" and an "increasing overlap with sister site".

The site's been running since 2005, but, Carless said, "We're seeing an increasing overlap with sister site, just in terms of some of the best material out there being indie-related. So Danny [Cowan] is going to go and blog over there, while Eric [Caoili] comes back to help us a bit more on mothership site Gamasutra."

In addition, "we also think that mainstream game blogs are doing a much better job nowadays of including the weirder and alt.links in amongst their gaming news. So it's not like GSW is irrelevant as such. But it's never really been that relevant to start with - it's always been an entertaining fripperie."

GSW's contributors over the years have included recognisable journalists and other figures from the US trade, including, "IGF chairman Brandon Boyer, Kotaku/MeatBun and now GameTrailers stalwart Michael McWhertor, Gamasutra news director Frank Cifaldi, and the ever-awesome Alice Taylor, as well as Game Developer mag EIC Brandon Sheffield."

Carless appears to now be putting more emphasis on as UMD's consumer site - owner Lewie Procter announced on Twitter yesterday that he's just secured a job writing for it.

Never more, GSW. Head over to read the full thing.

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