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Capcom hopes SSFIV 3D will "open the door a little wider," for those who skipped the console version

Capcom's Yoshinori Ono has detailed to Gamespot how Super Street Fighter IV came to be developed for 3DS, and according to the game's main man, it was so the game could be experienced by a wider audience.

"I think there are still plenty of people who missed the boat on Super Street Fighter IV, and still haven't jumped in yet," he said. "Perhaps they're worried that the controls will be complicated compared to previous games in the series or a difficult world to get back into.

"So, a lot of the new modes we're doing with [SSFIV 3D] are kind of an effort to once again level the playing field and open the door a little wider and get more people interested."

Ono also mentions how Street Pass will work with the game, giving players statues that will still fight it out online while 3DS is closed and tucked away in your bag. Ono feels this is another way to lower the entry barrier for those still on the fence about fighting online.

Watch the video interview below.

SSFIV 3D is part of Nintendo's launch line up of titles, which are expected to land alongside the handheld in March.

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