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Canadian games industry accounts for $2.3 billion of GDP

The Canadian games industry is the third largest in the world, adding a significant amount to the nation's GDP.

Canada has 16,500 full time games industry employees, according to ESA Canada data published on GamesIndustry. Only Japan and the US have larger talent bases, and on a per capita basis, it's the largest in the world.

The total number of employees is up 5% year-on-year, and The industry is growing, as well, which the ESA credits to government policies like tax credits and federal funding and strong educational funding.

Quebec, home of Ubisoft Montreal, Eidos Montreal and Warner Bros. Montreal among many others, has the lion's share of games industry employees, with 97 companies employing 8,750 full-time developers.

In British Columbia, the growing popularity of Vancouver has the province boasting 5,150 employees across 67 companies.

Ontario has just one less company than Quebec, but only 1,850 full-time game developers, because it is home to smaller developers for mobile, social and casual platforms.

The industry contributed $2.3 billion to Canada's gross domestic product in 2012.

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