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Byron urges gaming detractors to "get a grip"

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Tanya Byron, author of the Byron Report, wants opponents to videogaming to get with the programme. Her programme, specifically.

In a response that could have been tailored for idiots like Anne Diamond, Byron told critics of gaming to "stop panicking, get a grip, move on in the debate and just be sensible about who plays what at what age, and what's appropriate."

The comments came as part of a massive interview with Byron, which revealed she was:

  • Pleased with the general response to her Review despite "completely wrong" early reporting.
  • Promised publicly and privately by ministers that the government will act on recommendations.
  • "Taking a step back" from gaming while considering her next move.
  • Discussing with ELSPA head Paul Jackson his fears over BBFC's role.
  • Assured by parts of industry that they would help fund awareness campaign.

Take a look. Hopefully we can move on now.

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