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Byron Report won't stop adults getting the content they want, says author

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Tanya Byron, author of yesterday's Byron report, has moved to assure gamers that her recommendations - the main one of which was for a legally enforcable system of ratings for games in the UK - won't stop adults getting at the content they want to consumer.

"I’ve worked with a lot of gamers throughout the review and I do believe that adults have the right to make decisions about the content that they access, whether it’s viewing or interacting," she said. "There’s a huge moral debate around content in videogames. I’m very clear, that wasn’t the remit of my review to pass judgment on that and I do believe that content for adults is content for adults. It should be rated that way."

Very nice exclusive by Next-Gen, there. Any chance you could turn the caps lock off though, Colin? No need to shout.

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