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Buzz! man was worried user-gen quizzes would bring "random nonsense"

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Speaking to ThreeSpeech, Relentless boss David Amor has admitted that opening Buzz! up to user-generated quizzes with Buzz! Quiz TV wasn't without its potential pitfalls.

"I was worried that we’d get lots of random nonsense, like ‘what’s my favourite colour?’, or ‘how badly can I swear in a quiz and get away with it?’, but actually people have taken it seriously," he said.

"They’ve come up with proper quizzes that are fun to play. It works really well."

Amor said he'd been surprised by the inventiveness of some of the submissions.

"The one’s I like – and this is the best thing about giving people tools – are where they’ve taken it in a direction I just wouldn’t have expected," he added.

"One I liked was the memory quiz – where the first question was ‘My house is red, my garden is blue, I have a dog named Rover and the sun comes out on a Tuesday’, then it says ‘Press button to continue’, and then the next question is, ‘What colour is my garden?’, then later, ‘What did I ask you in question two?’. It’s not strictly a quiz, but it works."

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