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Build your own Game Boy with a Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi micro-computer costs just $35, but you can't put a price on ensuring you never have to stop playing classic Game Boy games.


A clever sort by the name of Microbyter used a Raspberry Pi to build new innards for a Game Boy after its battery exploded (an increasingly common occurrence as the little handheld that could hits the end of its components' lifespan, unfortunately).

The resulting Frankenstein's console is called the Super Mega Ultra Pi Boy 64 Thingy. It runs emulation software - which is a grey legal area, depending on your territory, but does allow the creator to carry around dozens of games on the system.

Microbyter detailed the entire build process on a blog, so presumably if you have a few crafty skills up your sleeves you could recreate the project for yourself.

Take a look at the homebrew system below.

Thanks, Polygon.

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