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Borderlands GOTY version heading to Mac on December 3


Gearbox has announced it'll be releasing a Mac version of the Game of the Year SKU for Borderlands on December 3.

The port job will be handled by Fetal Interactive and, like the PC and console versions before it, will feature the main game, all of the shooter RPG's DLC as well as a fold-out map of Pandora.

"We are absolutely thrilled that Mac gamers will now be able to join in on the world of Pandora in Borderlands," said Gearbox boss, Randy Pitchford.

"The best part is that every Mac gamer gets to experience the game plus all the ass-kicking add-on packs for Borderlands! They are getting the full complete package, and this is the best way to enjoy such an extravasplosive game like Borderlands."

Mac elitists are harking.

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