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Borderlands creator farewells Gearbox

Borderlands creator Matt Armstrong has announced his departure from developer Gearbox Software.


Borderlands was Armstrong's baby; he created the franchise and wrote the first game.

the franchise has gone on to great success, but nevertheless Armstrong is moving on. He announced his departure from Gearbox on Twitter, sounding quite cheerful about it.

It sounds like Armstrong is ready to try something new and that the split is amicable.

It's certainly a good time for it; Armstrong leaves Gearbox just after a major DLC release for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel and the release of The Handsome Collection, so he's probably not leaving any projects mid-development.

Still, Borderlands has had an intriguingly busy time of it, in terms of staff movement. Anthony Burch, who Broderlands 2 and Borderlands The Pre-Sequel writer Anthony Burch has left to pursue non-gaming projects, and The Pre-Sequel developer 2K Australia has been shuttered.

As for the future, well. We know Borderlands 3 is happening, but have absolutely no idea of time-frame beyond "this generation, probably".

Anyway: all the best to Armstrong in his future endeavours; we'll be watching with interest.

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