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Blow is "okay" with Braid pricing

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Speaking on Braid's official site, developer Jonathan Blow's said that he's not overly keen on Microsoft setting the price for the game at 1,200 MS Points, but he'll suffer it.

My feeling was that Microsoft would price the game at 1200 no matter what I said; however, I never pushed them to that point. Late last week, Microsoft and I had a conversation where we talked about a bunch of issues and I agreed on the 1200 point price.

There are good reasons why I picked 1200 instead of 800 (I thought about writing them up today, but I'm not sure it's really appropriate; I might, though, tonight. We'll see how I feel about it later.)

The Reader's Digest version is, I would have been perfectly happy with a launch price of 800 points. At 1200 points I am less happy, but I am okay with it.

You'll make more money, dude. Try not to worry too much. Just keep focus on the helicopters and hookers. Thanks, Destructoid.

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