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Blood Bowl 2 update mistakenly puts free content behind paywall

Blood Bowl 2 players were temporarily outraged by the sim's latest update.


The most recent Blood Bowl 2 briefly sparked an absolutely furore when a selection of previously free in-game items suddenly vanished from general use, only to turn up in the store with a price tag.

Players were quite rightly vocally opposed to the idea of paying for content again, having purchased a game which included these items at no cost.

You know who else was opposed to it? Developer Cyanide Studios.

"There was indeed a problem with the latest patch and it affected the game/store content," the team wrote in a Steam Community update.

"We’re aware of the store content issue caused by the latest patch and are working quickly to resolve it. Jerseys that were previously free shall be free once more."

Bit of a whoopsie there; hopefully Cyanide can identify and refund anybody who mistakenly purchased free content. The update did also introduce a number of new premium items, so there's definitely room for errors.

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