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Black Isle launches crowd-funding drive for studio’s ‘resurrection’, new project

Black Isle Studios, the prolific studio behind iconic RPGs such as Fallout 2, Planescape: Torment and Icewind Dale could make an industry comeback, but the developers looking to do so need your moral and financial support to do so. Developers - all of which currently work at Interplay and worked on Fallout 2 back in the day - have posted a rather bizarre 'end of the world' clip that calls for donations to help fund the studio's revival, and fund its first game as a unit.

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The clip features mini-interviews with the Interplay developers that hope to bring Back Isle Studios back to the industry, and makes mention of games - that's 'games' plural - that the studio hopes to make should it see a successful rebirth.

Over on the Black Isle Studios blog, the Interplay team teases its first new project dubbed 'PV13', which is a post-apocalyptic strategy title:

"Project V13 is the first planned Black Isle Studios release in years, a post-apocalyptic strategy RPG. You will create a character to represent yourself within the game world. Your character will be a hardy adventurer from a variety of backgrounds; one of the last remaining humans, a new breed mutant, or a technologically advanced cyborg. The choice is yours.

"Once you have determined your character's background, you will found your colony". From a deserted city, a broken down military base, or even the ruins of an oil pumping station, the colony will be yours to rebuild and control.

"Attract non-player characters for guards, peons, scientists, and other activities. Or, if you are the type that so desires, shanghai the NPCs. Put them to work rebuilding your society and improving your colony.

"Meanwhile, you will experience grand adventures to gather the resources and ancient technologies as well as fight back the enemy hordes. Your character will gain experience, advance skills, learn new talents, and gain access to incredibly powerful equipment. Or die trying."

It's unclear how much money the Interplay developers will need to reform Black Isle Studios as a fully-functioning company, or how much the game will cost to make, but it is asking for your help regardless.

Would you pay to see Black Isle Studios reborn, even if it is without its original members? Let us know below.

Thanks Eurogamer.

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