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Black Desert gets a bit piratical, opens three new areas

Black Desert's Mediah Expansion has been updated with new content.

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Black Desert gets a bit piratical, opens three new areas

Black Desert has been patched with the second part of the Mediah expansion.

The full patch notes are available on the game's forums, but mysteriously fail to mention the new expansion content, instead diving into fixes, balance changes, and other important minutiae.

As such, our primary source of information on this matter is a press release from Daum Games, written in, uh, pirate speak. Here's the low down:

Black Desert: Mediah Part 2

  • New lands t’plunder:
    • Kuit Islands (Pirate Islands) - Adventurers brave enough t’challenge th’ wicked Pirates of Kuit Islands be returnin’ with fine booty if they be skilled enough not t’walk th’ plank
    • Tungrad Forest - Only th’ mightiest scallywags should enter Tungrad Forest, or rival landlubbers be eatin’ them faster than a bad case o’ scurvy
    • Hasrah Dungeon - A dark ‘n mysterious cavern filled with th’ broken remains o’ ancient golems that be sendin’ chills down yer spine soon as ye look at it
  • Startin’ t’day, ye be able t’loot precious rum from lifeless scallywags ‘n turn it in for exclusive treasure like decorations for yer dwellin’ or dashin’ gARRRments in th’ quest Yo Hoho & A Bottle of Rum.
  • ‘N addition, daily quests be added to celebrate Mother’s day. The rewARRRd: mouth-waterin’ grub conferring mighty buffs to sea dogs who be showin’ some love t’th’ good hearty who raised them.

This is the sort of thing we get all the time. It's enough to make you reconsider an accounting degree.

Not entirely sure what the pirate thing is about; Mediah looked like a sort of classical Middle East from the screenshots supplied for part one. You can easily find out for yourself, though; Mediah is free to all Black Desert players.

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