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Bizarre "won’t be able" to make a sequel to The Club, says Wilson


Bizarre's Gareth Wilson has said that the developer won't be able to make a sequel to The Club due to SEGA owing the rights to the franchise.

Speaking in an interview with freelancer Adam Hartley, Wilson said that as proud as they were of the games, sales didn't meet expectations because gamers were "into WWII shooters" at the time.

"Sega owns the rights to The Club, so we won’t be able to make another version of it," said Wilson. "But as a game, we were really pleased with it, from a design perspective, because fundamentally we were trying to make a race-and-retry kudos-based shooter where you had high-scores and you had to repeatedly try to better your score as you ran around each level, with each level being kind of like a track.

"So basically like Gotham does shooting, which was the high level goal of it.

"Sales-wise, it did okay. It’s not become the biggest-selling game of all time, or anything, but it still has a cult following. There is a Facebook group that still gets together every week to play the game. It wasn’t as successful as we would have liked it to have been, but at the time there were loads of massive games coming out around the same time, so it just got a bit lost in the release schedule.

"There was a great online mode called hunter-hunted where one of you was being hunted and all the others were hunters. And you had some very cool extra weapons and stuff.

"But you know, it was a tough one to market, because at the time everyone was into World War 2-based shooters and realistic-based shooters and this one was a bit left-field".

Bizarre's newest racer, Blur, is out on May 28 for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

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