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Bizarre looking at Natal and Move tech


Just like every other developer, Bizarre's having a look at the motion controller tech from Microsoft and Sony.

However, at this point, it's not ready to discuss what its plans are regarding Move or Natal.

"We have seen pretty much all of that stuff, and it is all awesome," said Blur's lead designer Gareth Wilson. "But I can’t really talk much more about it, beyond saying that we have got it all and we’ve had people to come and see us and we have all sorts of interesting ideas about how all that sort of stuff could work. But nothing concrete yet. We’ve only just finished Blur.

"But it’s all good stuff and as developers we love mucking around with new stuff".

Wilson goes on to say that both controllers "look great" but if you were to build a racer for it, it would have to be something entirely different from what's already out there.

"Natal looks great, from what we’ve seen of it, and the Move stuff," said Wilson. "But it’s still difficult to see how you can apply all of that to a racing game, because with a racing game you need to have precision in the controls.

"So you would probably want to create a very different type of racing game to work with that kind of control tech".

Blur's out at the end of the month, and you can VG247's full interview with Wilson through here.

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