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BitMonster Games announces URE3 game Lili for iOS

BitMonster Games, founded by Gears of War 3's senior gameplay designer Lee Perry, has announced a multi-title licensing deal to develop 3D games using Epic's Unreal Engine 3. The first game to come out of the deal will be Lili for iOS.

Described as a "quirky adventure RPG hybrid," Lili takes place on the island of Geos where there are many "crazy folk" running about the place. Lili can explore the island and while she is at it, "challenge an oppressive regime or two along her way."

The "non-combat" system in the game makes use of Lili's introspection, and she sorts out some personal issues along the way.

“BitMonster is set to deliver the triple-A production values that appeal to discerning players,” said Joe Kreiner, head of North American licensing at Epic Games. “Given this team’s crazy mix of passion, talent and chemistry, and with the latest Unreal Engine tools in their hands, BitMonster has a winning recipe for success.”

“Epic has been extremely supportive of our new studio and in helping us build the game of our dreams,” said Lee Perry, president of BitMonster. “We set out to create an adventure that is appropriate for nearly anyone. As a designer, it’s exciting to see that the Unreal Engine 3 tools are better than ever, and they provide everything we need to achieve a gratifying and imaginative experience.”

The first trailer and set of screens for Lili are below. The game is currently in its final stages of production.

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