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Bit.Trip creator: indie scene "out of control", games need to "actually get finished"

Alex Neuse of Bit.Trip developer Gaijin Games has said indies need to focus more on getting full and complete games onto the market.

Speaking to GameSetWatch, Neuse said he wants to see more games "actually get finished and make it to market."

"I'm sick of playing half-done games that are riddled with bugs," he complained. "Like all consumers, I like products that work and that are complete experiences.

"I've found that my favorite indie games are the ones that are complete games that have made it to market," he continued.

Neuse also spoke on the health of independent development in general.

"I think that the indie scene is out of control," he said. "There are SO many games being made, it's hard to keep track of them all.

"This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but as a gamer who loves to play a game through to completion, I find it hard to set aside the time to give these games the play time they deserve."

The fourth and latest entry in the Bit.Trip series is Bit.Trip.Runner, has been nominated for the Excellence in Visual Art IGF award, while Bit.Trip.Beat is up for Excellence in Audio. and is eligible for the audience award.

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