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Bioware's kung-fu classic Jade Empire finally hits the App Store on iOS

What are you waiting for?


It's a great day for anyone who missed out on some truly amazing games two console generations ago. First there was news of Beyond Good & Evil being available for free on PC next week, and now Jade Empire is making an appearance on the App Store today.

If you didn't get a chance to play Bioware's ARPG the first time around, you really should take the opportunity to get acquainted with it now.

The game is part-fantasy, with a setting inspired by Imperial China. Starting off in a martial arts school with a few moral choices to cut your teeth on, you soon end up leaving to go save the world.

Jade Empire was one of the the first Xbox games I played and my first Bioware title, and I absolutely loved it. The iOS version includes all of the content from the Special Edition giving you access to an additional difficulty level, and more fighting-styles and weapons.

You can download it on the App store for £7.99/ $9.99 today. You may need to wait a couple of hours, so don't panic if it's not showing up just yet.

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