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BioWare reveals what to expect from SWTOR at E3 next week

BioWare has announced what it plans to show at E3 next week regarding Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Along with a new trailer being shown, which takes players to Belsavis, two in-game plotlines will also be shown. One is a showdown "with an army of zealous soldiers, protecting a military general who has seized control of the throne," and the other will show off the Sandpeople which E3 attendees will get to battle as well as "experience something that’s never been seen before on Tatooine."

A tie-in comic book from writer Alexander Freed call Lost Suns was also announced. The comic book focuses on the spy Theron Shan, who is interested in what the Empire has been up to since the Treaty of Coruscant.

BioWare has also updated the page for Advanced Classes in the game. You should check it out here.

EA will be holding its press conference on Monday like everyone else, expect for Nintendo.

Attend our event-long liveblog for all the details, or may the force not be with you, and such.

Thanks, Massively.

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