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Bioware relieved SWTOR players have yet to finish "all end-game content"

James Ohlen, game director for Star Wars: The Old Republic, has said that some of those playing the MMO have gone to great lengths to reach max level on their characters.

Speaking with Eurogamer, Ohlen said while it's a relief no one has finished all of the end-game content just yet, some are getting close, so Bioware is working hard to release more content for the game.

"It didn't really surprise us [how fast people got to 50] because people were able to play from 1-50 in the beta, and some of the people just figured out what the absolute fastest way was to play through the game, so they kind of had their whole strategy set out," he said.

"We had people that were playing for 72 hours straight. It's hard to say whether that was one guy or one guy and a buddy. We don't have that information sadly. I shouldn't give the specific hours. I can say it was under 100, which is way below our average time. Our average time is much closer to 200 hours in terms of how long it takes a player to get to the endgame."

Ohlen goes on to say Bioware isn't worried about players reaching end-game so soon, as some developers "kind of take the wrong lesson from that." Instead, the firm feels as long as the player's experience from 1 to 50 "was really really good," they will be willing to continue playing the game when the next round of content rolls out.

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