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Big Sky Infinity comes to PS3 and Vita

James Whitehead, director of Boss Baddie, announced today that the twin-stick space themed Big Sky Infinity is out on the PS Store as of 12 December.

The game, available on PlayStation 3 and Vita, lets you pilot a spaceship into an alien armada battling streams of enemies and drilling through planets and meteors that are in your way.

Starting in Classic mode the game is based on adapting to the situations and your reactions over memorizing elements. Startbits that are dropped when enemy ships are destroyed are used to upgrade your own ship. All according to the introductory announcement on the PlayStation blog.

Nightmare, Pacifism and Infinity modes are also available, the first of which is apparently true to its name in terms of difficulty. Your laser cannons are jammed with flowers in Pacifism and Infinity is the new endurance-style mode.

Multiplayer lets you play with or against up to three others and special things called "Events" in the game occur randomly that completely shift gameplay.

The trailer is up to watch on the PlayStation blog.

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