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Beware, a horror driving game where you’re pursued by cars at night, has a demo

Beware is a new kind of horror game that has you driving down sepia-tinged roads to escape pursuers in your rickety motor.

The entire game takes place at night, and you have to navigate by your headlights - over roads, through fields, and down dirt tracks - all while keeping an eye on your rearview mirror.

Why you are being pursued is a core mystery, but you can piece together clues as they zip by at 70mph. Here’s some gameplay:

Cover image for YouTube video

It’s not all about gunning it as fast as you can, either. Enemies are scarce, so you are often driving around in a paranoid state, checking the mirrors and looking around each corner before commiting.

The cramped first-person viewpoint really makes you feel every bump and turn in the vehicle, amping up the claustrophobia.

Beware, previously called Driving Survival, seems like a properly fresh and interesting take on the horror genre. If you agree, why not download the demo from IndieDB.

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