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Bethesda to sue Interplay over Fallout MMO


Bethesda has filed a lawsuit against Interplay for trademark infringement, and breach of agreement over the Fallout MMO.

Citing failure to "commence full scale development by April 4, 2009 and to secure certain funding for the game", Interplay has disputed the claims and maintains that it still holds the rights to develop Project V13 with Masthead Studios.

This lawsuit comes months later after Bethesda challenged Interplay’s rights to the game back in April, when Interplay was actively seeking financing or income, without which it will be forced to liquidate assets, sell the company or face bankruptcy.

On a brighter note, Natiq "Defonten" Aghayev, Project V13 concept artist and Fallout fan community member, has released a bit of his concept sketches done for the game, which is featured in the header image.

More regarding all of this can be found over on, The Vault, which has a link to the legal documents filed.

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