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Beat PS4 Multiplayer Challenges and win a 20th Anniversary console!

Jingle bells, and all that. Want to make Christmas really special this year?


Everyone in the history of the world ever, alive and dead, wants a 20th Anniversary PS4. The special hardware's been changing hands for stupid amounts on eBay, and Sony's been holding character competitions to allow the lucky few to buy one for "normal" prices. Getting your hands on one of these isn't easy.

Here, then, is a way to grab one for free simply by being amazing at games. Eurogamer's running a PS4 Multiplayer Challenges contest, the grand prize of which, we've been informed today, is an Anniversary PS4. The ultimate winner, and the recipient of the limited edition hardware, will be chosen on January 7, although other prizes are also being handed out every week.

All you have to do to enter is upload footage of you completing challenges to YouTube. The best one wins. Super-easy. For full details, head over to the competition page and get involved.

Good luck, and merry Christmas!

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