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Battlefield 5 subreddit is done with your historical accuracy hot takes

After a fake historian expressed outrage about women serving in WW2, the Battlefield 5 subreddit decided enough was enough.

It's safe to say Electronic Arts expected blowback for featuring women in World War 2 combat, but now it's getting ridiculous. Critics of the move - mostly claiming the issue is about historical accuracy - are so vocal that it's overridden any larger discussion about the game itself.

It all came to a head when a redditor claiming to be a historian admitted to making everything up in an effort get Electronic Arts' attention. For the Battlefield 5 subreddit, this was the last straw.

Moderators posted a new rule in response: "No more bitching about historical accuracy, it's a game, not a history book. Violations will have consequences."

"Hate us all you want but we're done with this bullshit," the statement continues. "This issue has been discussed in a million threads but we've never been brigaded more than we have in the past months. Admins can only keep up with so much. We're done wasting our time on this, every point has been made.

"No you're not sexists or whatever, but this is just repetitive now."

A later edit from moderators added a clarification: there are absolutely legitimate criticisms people can make about Battlefield 5. Unfortunately, it seems almost impossible to moderate this discussion in a healthy way. "We get that y'all have valid criticism about Battlefield 5 and the customization options within the game. Sadly, this subreddit has proven to be unable to have a civil discussion about these things without devolving into name calling and slapfights."

Of course, the subsequent conversation has some redditors crying censorship, but there are some encouraging responses that grasp the broader point.

"They never said 'no more criticisms of any aspect of the game'," one commenter replied. "They said no more bitching about 'inaccuracy'".

You can read VG 24/7's official policy on the debate right here.

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